Private Yoga Sessions for Students + Teachers

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The Intro

Hello All!

My name is Katelyn Woodford-Shell! I am Co-Owner of Yoga Squared, Zen Space by YS, and I’m also a Lead Trainer and Co-Founder of our Registered Yoga School-The Highland Square School of Yoga. I have over 1000 hours of yoga teaching experience, as well as 20 years in the sports/fitness world in both the personal and competitive arenas. Currently, I am pursuing a 300-hr study, and am a E-RYT 200, YACEP with the Yoga Alliance. For a limited time I will be offering Private Yoga Sessions for students and teachers in order to help our yoga community enrich their mind-body-soul connection. If you’re interested in the backstory, read on! If not- scroll down for the Private Class Descriptions and check out the customizable offerings. (Note that any of these classes can be tweaked to serve your individual needs.)

The Why

Sometimes we show up to a yoga class and we hear everything we want to hear and do everything we need to do to leave feeling right. If you’re a yogi with even minimal experience, chances are there’s been a time at least once on your mat that you’ve felt like the teacher seemed to be talking directly to you and the poses seemed to agree with everything your body needed + wanted. Other times, especially when we feel disconnected from our healing or stagnant in our growth (on the mat or off), it can be difficult to receive the practice our bodies need in a room full of people.

As a teacher who teaches high volume classes on a weekly basis, I understand how the energy of a big class can move mountains within a soul + create complete 180s for a yogi’s motivation. Something divine about the collective energy + breath of the group has the power to carry us through the class- human connection is so powerful. Leading those classes is something that I will always love + probably always do. I totally live for it!  

However, sometimes I see students going through a particularly hard time. Whether it is physically or mentally, I can see they need extra attention. With so many other people in class, it is sometimes difficult to connect with the ones who need it most that day. This experience has taken me back to my days as a competitive gymnast. I practiced 30 hours a week with my team, but there were almost always skills + time periods where private sessions with my coaches were needed in order to stay on track + connected to the subtle details of my mind-body-spirit connection. 

That is why I’m opening the door.  I have developed various private sessions to help students and teachers stay alive + aligned with their practice and goals. These sessions, like all yoga, will meet you right where you are, and can be tailored to your requests, practice, + skill level.

In addition to the creation of these classes, I have bundled in some extra wellness avenues for you like massage/reiki sessions. I did this because your healing and growth is multi-faceted and if you really want to re-vamp, you’ll want to get the full experience. 

I believe in a macro and micro approach to living. The big picture and the small picture work together. The outside and the inside both need attention. Studio and solo practice keeps us balanced. We can move with a group and benefit, we can have all attention on us and benefit. It’s not one nor the other- it is both. 

You might want to consider investing in private sessions if you’re ready to dive deeper into healing + get closer to your goals. Whether you’re in a rut, or looking to prevent yourself from falling into a rut in the first place. You might also want to consider these sessions if you are an aspiring teacher looking to gain insight and spark creativity. 

 Yoga Basics $70

Looking to begin a yoga practice but have no idea where to start? Are you hesitant to take a class with others and wish you could learn a little before stepping into the group experience? This is for you.

In this 1 on 1 session you will start with a discussion of what brings you to yoga, history of injury and/or athletics, and goals for your practice- both physically and mentally. Then we will work on the foundations of the practice, including sun salutations, warrior poses, balancing poses, etc. Then, you will have time to ask all the questions you need in order to feel comfortable. 

**Want a new Manduka mat to jump start your practice? Add it on for $50 ($68 value). 

Focus + Align $70

Perfect for those feeling that their energy + thoughts are scattered, those who feel pulled in too many directions, or those feeling disconnected or spacey. If this sounds like you in this moment, or something that tends to happen for you often, know that you are not alone. The best part is, there are ways to reel in your concentration and even help prevent those cycles from happening frequently. 

In this 1 on 1 Private Session you will be guided through a meditative breath work series designed lift your vibration + clear your head before creating space in your mind and body with yin poses assisted by props. Then, you’ll narrow focus to your alignment in standing + balancing postures, and a mix of stillness + movement will be used, aiming to cultivate the balance of your yin + yang energies. To seal the session you’ll relax into restorative poses as you receive hands on reiki.  

Props Provided: Blocks, Blankets, Chair

Chakras Targeted: Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Root 

Weights + Core $70

Made for the yogi looking to tone muscle + strengthen joints. This session is a fitness/yoga hybrid for those looking to increase their physical + emotional strength on their mat + in their life. 

Weights + Core: In this 1 on 1 Private Session you will start with fire building breath work and core-igniting movement using kundalini kriyas + various other core engagement inspirations. You will incorporate weights as you move through various yoga postures + will have an opportunity to use the weights to target specific areas of your body that you feel lack engagement or attention. Cool down with yin postures + a peaceful savasana. 

Semi-Private Available

Props Provided: Weights, Blocks, Chair

Chakras Targeted: Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral

Invert + Fly $70

Designed for the yogi starting or building an inversion or arm balance practice. Ever see someone upside down or balancing on their hands + wonder, how do I get there? Or are you just not sure what to work on in order to progress your practice? Wonder if your form is correct? Need a spot? This is for you! Teachers, do you want a tune-up on how to teach inversions? Have questions about poses or spotting? Use this time to work through your hesitations! 

In this 1 on 1 private session you will start with sun salutations and warm up drills designed to heat the body and prepare for physical practice. These drills range from moderate to very challenging and are used by gymnasts + yogis alike in order to develop muscles needed for flight. Each inversion or arm balance posture requires its own development among muscle groups so your conditioning will be tailored to your needs + goals. For the remainder of the session,  you will practice taking flight or going upside down with physical + verbal guidance. Some of your practice can be recorded on your phone if you’d like to have visual reference for future improvements. 

Semi-Private available if skill level is similar.

Props Provided: Gymnastics Mat, Blocks, Chair

Chakras Targeted: Crown, Third eye, Heart

Body + Soul Package $235 | 3 Private Sessions + 1 Healing Service

Dive into the ultimate healing and growth experience with our new Body + Soul Package, a collaborative effort between our Zen Space healing services team members + Kate W-S! After purchase, you will receive an email within 48 hours to schedule 3 private yoga sessions of your choosing, as well as one 60-Minute Custom Massage or Private Reiki Session with one of our talented healing service providers. All of these appointments will be scheduled through email.

This is a seasonal offering, intended to transform your physical practice and offer you the opportunity to restore and care for your body + mind with the personalized attention of our team.

Welcome Home Private Session $70 - With elizabeth tipton

Through extensive hands on adjustments with blocks, straps, chairs, hands, and feet, you’ll learn how to feel at home in your body in this 60 minute private session with YS teacher Elizabeth Tipton. Whether you’re looking for a slower, more restorative experience or a more active sequence of postures, Elizabeth will work with you to find exactly where you fit.

This can be especially helpful for new practitioners in order to show you where you need to be in order to maintain a sustainable + beneficial practice for your mind and body, but long-time practitioners will also be able to gain incredible new insights about the way they are capable of moving.

Your body is designed to fit together perfectly. You measure up in a way that’s just right for you. As the owner of the locks, you have a right to know which keys fit where!