Hey friends hey! It’s your girl TT from the front desk! First off I would like to thank my KitchenAid for providing me endless motivation to exercise more, my extensive collection of off brand black leggings which are incredibly forgiving, and last,  all my haters. Just kidding-I don’t think I have too many haters, or at least I hope not.  

Around five years ago, while incarcerated, I started developing an interest in yoga. Five years ago I was a very different person then I am now. I was serving time as a result of a very serious drug problem I had developed through my teenage years. My loving mother (god bless her) dropped off a picture book of yoga poses to the community correctional facility I resided in at the time. I understood that my life was out of order, and I thought maybe a yoga picture book would solve the problem, so I started to practice a few of the poses. It did definitely help, but little did I know, my journey was just beginning.  

Tara 2.jpg

Fast forward two years, and my interest in yoga was once again awakened- this time in rehab.  Though this time, I had furthered my practice to actually involving an instructor and a mat; I was coming up in the world! I was also finally willing to give sobriety a try, and I'm happy to say I have been sober and practicing yoga ever since.  

My love affair with yoga began in earnest when Yoga Squared opened. I had been practicing off and on at another studio. That studio abruptly closed and in the same month I realized one of my oldest friends was opening her own studio in Highland Square! Having been born and bred a true square rat, this was more than perfect for me.  Even better, I get to sit at the desk and meet hundreds of amazing people who inspire me every single day.   I never felt that I really fit in at other studios and Yoga Squared completely changed that.   I was welcomed with open arms and open hearts into one of the best damn communities I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of.  

As a result of being welcomed so warmly into this community, I have been able to grow massively in my practice and my emotional and spiritual space.  Being new at yoga can be very intimidating and I never felt I had the right body, the right mindset, or even the right look and I have finally figured out that NONE of that is a real thing!  Yoga Squared has provided me with a space to giggle and fall, and even cry when i need to do it.  I can be vulnerable with the people around me, and provide space for others to be vulnerable with me.  I have also finally been able to be proud of my body! I feel strong and healthy, this is the first time in my life i have been able to touch my toes!

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Y’all may not know it, but getting to know you, and your names (most of the time) has been one of the best experiences of my life.  Meeting you, your mothers, your kids, and even sometimes your dogs is my absolute shit!  The way I live my life today is still certainly not completely balanced (as anyone who has practiced next to me might have noticed), but I am capable of being present, and being open with the people around me, and it is rewarding beyond belief.  I look forward to practicing with you in the future, or just sitting on the floor eating potato chips, whichever one feels right in the moment.  I love all of you, thank you for all you do!