Fate is a funny thing. It seems to conjure opportunities when you least expect them, and bring experiences to you that you never knew you always needed. A lot of people talk about their path finding them. I never knew what that meant until I found yoga, and more specifically Yoga Squared.

Olivia Squared!!!!!

Olivia Squared!!!!!

Many of you have been kind enough to get to know me and my story, but for those who haven't seen my space buns in the studio--I'd like to share how I found myself writing to all of you from a window seat in the sky. One connection away from a beautiful destination to share yoga and myself with the world.

Just three years ago I was leading a completely different life. Caught up in the turbulence of days filled with unhappiness, anxiety, and depression. I believe that it was the perfect combination of bad luck and manifested feelings that led to my sickness. I was diagnosed with cancer in January 2015. After twelve sessions of chemotherapy, and 21 rounds of radiation, I found myself in remission. Of course I was thrilled to be alive--but it was in that moment that I briefly panicked in the realization that I hadn't really ever figured out what my true purpose was to keep fighting. I promised myself that if I made it out alive I would start my journey to figuring it all out-a journey onward, and more importantly inward.


The stars aligned, and the first week I moved to Akron Yoga Squared opened its doors. Through this place of refuge, a place filled with light and love, I was able to begin the painful and beautiful journey of taking time to take care of my health and my heart. I've made friendships that have helped me become a more grateful, thoughtful, and passionate human being. This last year of my life in Yoga Squared allowed me to leave all of my remaining pain on my mat and start anew.

Starting anew can mean different things to different souls, but for me, reinventing myself has always come from seeing new places, learning new things, and meeting new people. I have been able to achieve all of that and so much more through my love of travel. From Africa to Europe, Central America, and soon South America in the Spring, I find comfort in the uncomfortable moments of being out of my element amongst the beauty of different cultures. This trip is unlike many of the others I have taken before. It has a return ticket like all the rest, but instead of it being a few days or weeks from now, it has given me the opportunity to stay for 6 months. All of that has definitely come with sacrifices, but all ones the universe was calling me to make. I quit my government job, gave up my apartment, and spent every extra penny over the last year minimizing my material possessions and paying off my debts. This has left me, for the first time, feeling free to take the time I have always needed to be who I always wanted to be. I worked tirelessly to get the this point, both financially and emotionally, but the truth is I really just feel so grateful to finally get a chance to find out what is worth fighting for in this life.


I want to thank each and every one of you for helping me to find the light in the dark, and leading me on a just beginning path of self-discovery and self-love. I will miss you all, and will carry a piece of Yoga Squared with me to the beaches of Costa Rica.